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1.Q: How late can we stay?
A:We have to lock the doors by 2:30am.

2.Q: Can we have a candy table?
A: Yes. However, we do not allow gum or popcorn.

3.Q: Do you offer a decorating package?
A:Yes and you can customize it however you would like.

4.Q: Do you offer chair covers?
A:Yes.We have just about every color sash you can think of. If we don’t have it, we can usually get it.

5.Q: Can we bring our own cake?

6.Q: Can we do our own decorating?
A:Yes.We do not allow glitter or confetti.

7.Q: Is there a charge for a bartender to be at our event?

8.Q: Are the table linens extra?
A:No. That is included in the price to rent the hall.

9.Q: When does everything have to be finalized?
A: Your count, menu choice, set up, and final payment should all be done 14 days prior to your event.

10.Q: Can I make more than the required payments?
A: Yes.Make as many payments as you want!
11.Q: What is required to book the hall?
A: We need to have a signed contract AND a $500 deposit. The deposit holds the date and goes towards your total bill.

12.Q: What are the minimum requirements for a Saturday night?
A: We require at least around 200 people for dinner on a Saturday night.

13.Q: What is the difference if the event is on a Friday or Sunday?
A: The only difference is that there is no minimum number of people required for dinner. There is no difference in price.

14.Q: Can we use this space as a reception area and a ceremony space?
A: Absolutely. We have been the host of many indoor ceremonies. We have also recently added a space for outdoor ceremonies in our new gazebo as well.

15.Q: Is there a different price for children?
A: Children under 5 are free. However, if you will be having a lot of children attending your event we suggest that you have a different menu for them. For example, having pizza or chicken strips.

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